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11 Sep 2017 - The Equator Prize Award Ceremony on September 17, 2017 will honour 15 outstanding indigenous and local community initiatives from 12 countries, advancing local nature-based solutions for sustainable development, in New York, coinciding with the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly. This high-level event marks 15 years of UNDP’s Equator Initiative.

The award ceremony (http://www.equatorinitiative.org/ep2017/) will feature two representatives from each Prize-winning organization and music by Salif Keita, world renowned singer-songwriter from Mali. The other speakers at the event are:

The ceremony will discuss the global work being done to tackle poverty, environment degradation, and climate challenges and will highlight the innovative solutions of Equator Prize 2017 Winners, including:

Don’t miss the Equator Prize 2017 Award Ceremony! For more information or to reserve tickets please visit http://www.equatorinitiative.org/ep2017/

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