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24 Jun 2019 - The amount of plastic found deep in the ocean disturbed K. V. Priyesh enough to take action, and his efforts inspired others.

“The sea is my home. How would you feel if everyone is trashing your home and there is so much garbage that you can’t breathe? That is perhaps how the creatures in the ocean feel,” says the 30-year-old to The Better India.

“While most people think that the waste can be found largely along the shores, the reality is that one can find it in the deeper parts of the ocean as well. It’s not just tourists or passengers cruising on ferries; even fishermen are guilty of throwing plastic bottles that they carry with them to the sea,” he adds.

Priyesh’s anti-plastic crusade stretched for over a month in 2019, but he soon realised that the scale of plastic waste was much more than what a single person could handle.

So, he decided to approach the Azhiyoor grama panchayat for help.

“They appreciated the work that I’d done and decided to launch an anti-plastic mission in the ward and include me in all the major discussions. In normal circumstances, I’d have to dedicate an entire hour to find plastic waste in between my fishing hours. Under this initiative, we decided to split the collection drive in a phased manner, under which three-four hours would be dedicated exclusively,” he adds.

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