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19 Dec 2018 - Ngân joined the United Nations Development Programme - UNDP Ocean Action Hub’s global campaign to #respect and help #SaveOurOcean in August 2018. Learn about her story and why she joined the campaign.

My full name is Phan Mai Thanh Ngân. You can call me Ngân for short. I am from #Vietnam. As a volunteer for the Ocean Action Hub of the United Nations Development Programme - UNDP, I am delighted to share with you my wonderful experience here.

The first time I saw the sea in person was when I was 7 years old. At that moment, though I was not old enough to have a profound knowledge of the important role of the sea in human life, I told myself that I would #protect that breathtaking view. I said that because I fell in love with the beauty of the sea on the first sight. That beauty greatly attracted a 7-year-old girl like me. 13 years passed, the passion of a little girl towards the sea did not fade away. Instead, such enthusiasm is growing. Now, I wish to conserve the #ocean not just only because of its exquisite beauty. The ocean, in fact, has many other values to appreciate besides its stunning beauty.

One of the actions that I have taken to protect the ocean is doing #volunteer work regarding ocean issues. I feel extremely lucky to come across the volunteering opportunity for the Ocean Action Hub. It is my honor to make a contribution to UNDP in general and Ocean Action Hub in particular by calling for commitment(s) in the official UN database so that we can far more easily achieve SDG14 targets and better the ocean health.

I find it absolutely worth doing.

Firstly, before working as a volunteer, I did not know much about areas of action we could do to protect the ocean and I also could not imagine the tremendous efforts that a lot of organizations around the world are making to save the ocean. Via this experience, I have gained deep insight into ocean issues. While I am in search of organizations working on ocean issues, I read a lot of materials that those organizations share on their website and social media channels, thus I can identify specific information about such organizations as well as widen my ocean-related knowledge. Secondly, thanks to this task, I get acquainted with friends who share the same concern towards the ocean with me. It does help extend my social network. Thirdly, it is the essence of this volunteer work that encourages me to devote myself to complete it.

I believe that the more commitment(s) organizations make in the official UN database, the brighter the future of our dear ocean is.

Ocean issues currently no longer occur on a small scale, within a country’s border. Instead, it is a worldwide issue that calls for the unity of Ocean Partners from different parts of the world to alleviate. Therefore, while carrying out the task as an intermediary to send emails to various organizations and invite them to join in the global effort to save the ocean, I feel my work really meaningful.

“ Small or big, every action counts!”

Perhaps, my contribution to the ocean health is not as tremendous as other people’s, I am still proud of myself as I know that I am trying my best to do what I can do for our dear ocean. No matter you work as an individual or as a big team, your contribution, whatever small or big, plays a significant role in the ocean conservation. So, let’s do it to respect and help #SaveOurOcean.

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