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13 November 2016 - Robert Redford and Paul Allen are the executive producers of a new Animal Planet series on ocean conservation. Entitled “Ocean Warriors,” the series traces activists, journalists and scientists working to fight poachers and organized crime in oceans across the globe.

“Ocean Warriors” will have its premiere on Dec. 4, and aims to reveal the crime and violence that often go unpunished in international waters. Footage includes the Swedish boat captain Peter Hammarstedt chasing icefish poachers off the coast of West Africa; the photographer Paul Hilton embarking on a campaign to save the Pacific shark population; and the conservation biologist Mike Markovina working to save coral reefs from blast fishing in Tanzania.

“The challenge of restoring ocean health has never been more urgent,” Mr. Allen said in a statement. “Our oceans are complex living systems that help feed millions, mitigate climate change and even yield lifesaving medicines.”

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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)