Ocean Action Hub

Ocean Innovation Africa 2019 took place on 27 November 2019 in Cape Town. This event gathered the key regional players of the ocean economy and tech ecosystem to start shaping Africa’s first ocean impact hub, based in Cape Town: OceanHub Africa.

International and local experts were invited to the event to share and participate, alongside selected delegates, in designing the future of the OceanHub Africa initiative: a platform to inspire, develop and support more ocean-minded businesses in Africa.

This event provides the platform to:

  • Build the beginning of an Ocean-impact ecosystem for the Western Cape & into Africa
  • Incorporate stakeholders input for legitimacy and commitment, to improve our capacity to implement high-impact ocean-minded developments
  • Provide strategic focus and materials to design OceanHub Africa’s KPIs and roadmap for 2020, in a bid to place Cape Town as a pioneer of a decidedly more sustainable and innovative ocean economy

TO LEARN MORE, VISIT: https://ocean-innovation.africa/

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Wednesday, 27 November, 2019 - 12:00 to 18:00
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Ocean Innovation Africa
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Ocean Innovation Africa