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Our ocean is one of planet Earth’s greatest and most important resources. It provides food for four out of 10 people in the world. It protects us from even more dangerous effects of climate change, and it provides an income for billions of people.

Humans need a healthy ocean to survive and yet, we keep polluting, exhausting, and destroying this valuable resource.

We need to save our ocean before it’s too late, but who decides how we best take care of it? Who decides how many resources we should take from it now, or how they should be harvested?

Who can be relied upon to make decisions that benefit the entire ecosystem, rather than the people of one nation, city, or village? These are the questions that communities along the coasts of all continents face, and together they must work towards common answers.

Together, the stories of three coastal communities in India, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Peru illustrate the global challenge that all people and nations share. As these populations adopt sustainable practices, they also point the way towards a healthier, more verdant, and more prosperous future.

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