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Report on Saint Martin’s Island ecosystem boundary, Bangladesh

This present study identified an area of 285.48 km2 which can be a potential key biodiversity area, based upon the species composition especially the distribution of the corals and other vulnerable

species and the geophysical properties of the water. The sites randomly selected for this period shown in the map, are also proposed to be representative sites. Finally to complete the process of identifying representative areas and also delineating Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) of SMI the further six steps proposed in this report are needed to be conducted. This probable KBA would be triggered by highly vulnerable coral species, their sparse distribution and also some other marine organisms in need of immediate status assessment, conservation or protection. One very important point that is needed to be addressed is that, this area is the livelihood option for many locals and they entirely depend on it, for fisheries related livelihoods. Hence, the entire work needs to be in a participatory manner when enforced understanding their need for being an effective locally managed MPA. This can best be done when zonation of this area is done, the no take zones needs to be clearly defined and alternative livelihood options are made by discussion and in cooperation with the locals. We also suggest, after the primary delineating which has been done in this study, the rest of the process has to be in participation with the local communities.