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30 Oct 2018 - The European Union makes 23 new commitments to the Our Ocean 2018 conference. These commitments represent around EUR 300 million and cover all six themes of the Our Ocean conference: Blue economy; climate change impacts; marine pollution; marine protection and sustainable fisheries. In addition, several EU Member States have their own commitments. They add up to the 35 commitments made by the EU in 2017.

Together, these commitments prove that healthy, safe and clean oceans are, and will remain, a priority for the European Union. 

In terms of MPAs, the EU announced:

  • A project worth EUR 7 million to protect marine ecosystems and to promote exchange of knowledge on the effective management of MPAs between Atlantic and South East Asia Regions.
  • The launch of a new version of the Digital Observatory for Protected Areas (DOPA) Explorer, a global information system providing data on the world's terrestrial, marine and coastal protected areas from the IUCN and the EU.
  • Financing of a regional support programme for the sustainable management of natural resources in Pacific Overseas Countries and Territories. 

CONTINUE READING ONLINE HERE: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_MEMO-18-6210_es.htm

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