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11 Jun 2019 - This publication captures the GEF Small Grant Programme's (SGP) experiences and lessons learned on plastics management, spanning not only the area of chemical and waste management, but also international waters and biodiversity conservation. The projects focus on implementing a circular economy either through recycling, reducing and reusing plastics for new products, influencing consumer use and behavior, or developing better waste collection and management practices at the community level. Some of these initiatives have also been scaled up in partnership with government and private sector. The 10 cases (below) included in this publication show that local communities and grassroots solutions are already contributing to the implementation of the circular economy concept by providing circular solutions to plastic waste problems through community-based actions to “reduce, reuse and recycle” plastics, known as “3Rs” ranking by the priority of actions.

Material Engineering and Product Design:

CASE 1. BURUNDI: Banana-tree Bark as an Alternative to Plastic for Seedling Transport Bags 

CASE 2. INDIA: Improved Plastic Waste Management Supports Marginalized Women’s Livelihoods 

CASE 3. JAMAICA: Recycling Plastic Waste to Conserve Negril’s Coral Reef 

CASE 4. SIERRA LEONE: Youth-led Innovation: Transforming Plastic Waste into New Construction Material 

Consumer Use and Behavior Shift:

CASE 5. GAMBIA: Plastic Recycling led by Women’s Group Contributes to National Policy on Plastic Ban 

CASE 6. GHANA: Plastic Waste Turns into Employment for People with Disabilities 

CASE 7. MALDIVES: Advocating Alternatives to Single-use Plastic Bags 

Waste Collection and Management:

CASE 8. AFGHANISTAN: Community-based Plastic Waste Management for Wetland Conservation 

CASE 9. ARMENIA: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Use of Innovative Bar-coded Shopping Bags 

CASE 10. BAHAMAS: Piloting Sustainable Community-based Waste Management in South Eleuthera

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UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP)
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Marine pollution