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18 Sept 2020 - This new Ocean Panel-commissioned report, ‘A Sustainable & Equitable Blue Recovery to the COVID-19 Crisis’, offers a timely and practical roadmap featuring five priority blue stimulus opportunities that are ripe for immediate investment of stimulus funding. For policy and financial decisionmakers these are ready-made solutions to unlock much-needed relief and resilience and build a fair and just sustainable ocean economy fit for everyone’s future.

A healthy ocean is the foundation for vibrant economies. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, ocean-based industries were estimated to contribute 2.5% of world gross value added (GVA) and over 31 million direct full-time jobs.. However, as governments seek to reset and rebuild post-pandemic, the ocean economy has been overlooked in stimulus measures to date, especially when compared to the pandemic’s devastating impacts on its workers and sectors. There is an unprecedented opportunity, through global stimulus and recovery responses to the pandemic, to reset and rebuild economic activities in ways that will ensure a more sustainable, equitable and resilient ocean economy fit for everyone’s future.

READ REPORT HERE: https://www.oceanpanel.org/bluerecovery

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The Ocean Panel
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The Blue Economy